There’s a new alternative to hiring a publicist

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I recently launched a coaching program where for anywhere from $5 USD to $75 USD per month you have access to a publicist to help guide you as you do your own marketing and publicity for your work. OK. I admit it still involves me, a publicist. But this is something more affordable for everyone and I love that it’s an option now! Anyway, it’s pretty new, but already have 13 subscribers and we’ve gone over all kinds of stuff from what authors should have on their website, to organic social media growth, to the ideal timeline for promoting your book. We have coaching sessions several times a month, depending on the level at which you join. It’s been going great and helping authors

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A Promise of Better Craft in Self-Publishing (or Slow the Eff Down): Book Marketing without B.S. #10

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The other day Chuck Wendig shared a blog post he wrote entitled “Slushy Glut Slog: Why the Self-Publishing Shit Volcano Is a Problem“. You should read it, assuming that some “shit” and “fuck” aren’t going to be offensive to your delicate sensibilities, and particularly if you’re thinking about taking the self-publishing path or starting a small publisher. It’s already up to almost 200 comments, including a long one from Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. Stick with reading it even though it’s long and it may piss you off. It’s not an anti-self-pub screed; but, a way toward a solution that elevates independent writers–and to be perfectly blunt–a number of small publishers, too. Anyway, I won’t rehash Chuck. He breaks it down so well that there’s no point in

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Amazon Exclusivity and KDP Select: Book Marketing without B.S. #7

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Book Marketing without B.S. is a weekly publicity and marketing advice column for writers and other creators who prefer a realistic, clear, and no-nonsense approach. My goal is to help you cut through the bullshit with direct, understandable advice you won’t be embarrassed to follow. Send your questions to Once I began working independently of a publisher, I ran into an issue that I hadn’t dealt with before: exclusivity with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select program. From a publicity perspective I found it frustrating, as I have contacts affiliated with other book-buying outlets and I am unable to call on them in exclusivity situations. Why would they help with a book they can’t sell, after all? Still, I know it is more complicated

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The Cheapskate’s Guide to SF/F cons: A Guest Post

Beverly Bambury/ November 19, 2013/ Budget, Conventions, Guest Post/ 5 comments

Today’s guest post by Effie Seiberg goes through some handy tips on travelling to conventions on a tight budget. It would be easy to extrapolate some of these tips into general travel on a budget, too. Part of why I put out a call for this topic is that beginning in January I’ll be full-time freelance, and paradoxically, this means I’ll need to go to more conventions in a professional capacity. But. You know. With less income. So thanks again to Effie for all of her tips, and I’ll be seeing you around at as many conventions as I can manage in 2014. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, so in January I did the exact thing people tell you not to do:

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