Short Biography

Beverly Bambury has been a book publicist since 2012. She has worked with writers from most genres, including horror, mystery, crime, SFF, and others. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Beverly resides in Brampton, Ontario. She lives there with her husband, teenaged step-son, two very small dogs and two normal-sized cats.

Long Biography

I’m Beverly and I’ve been a book and comic publicist since 2012. I live in a very large Toronto suburb, but I am actually a Floridian who got transplanted “up north” after marrying my awesome Canadian husband.

How I got started with book publicity is that I was working on finishing my marketing degree before I turned 40 (which I totally accomplished!) and during this period I got a part-time internship with a local publisher.

Through 2012 when working with them I met amazing people and worked on amazing books. When we eventually parted ways I thought there was no way I was going to be lucky enough to stay in publishing.

But when the word got out I wasn’t with the publisher anymore, people started emailing me to ask if I could do for them what I did during the internship.

A business was born!

I worked part-time on the business through 2013 (while finishing my degree and working a demanding full-time job,) and then in early 2014 I quit my day job and I haven’t looked back.

So that’s where I’m at!  Do you have any questions for me about what I do? Email me any time.