New Book Publicity Coaching Program for Authors

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DIY Book marketing is about to get way easier for you!

I’m happy to share that I have launched a new coaching program for authors who work in any genre, even non-fiction.

You’ll get group coaching at a minimum, and the higher tiers even have one-on-one coaching with an experienced book publicist.

You’ll get checklists and cheat sheets to make your life WAY simpler, and group coaching call recordings in case you can’t be there live, and even video lessons.

You will be breathing easy because you’ll have your book’s publicity campaign mapped out and easy to follow. Plus you’ll have me any time you have a question — you won’t be alone!

One of the most convenient things is that you can easily go up and down levels depending on your needs. If you have a book coming out in a few months, the top tier may be for you. Once it’s launched going down to a middle or lower tier may be enough for a while.

There is total flexibility, You can cancel at any time if it isn’t meeting your needs — but I think you’ll find it well worth the (very affordable) amount of money.

You want some support and guidance, and I can help take away the overwhelm of self-promotion. Let’s do this. Take a look at my membership page (run via Patreon) and choose a tier to get started:

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