Some kind words from past clients and former colleagues

Mike Carey, author of The Girl with All the Gifts, The UnwrittenLucifer, and more:

Beverly led and co-ordinated the publicity and marketing for my first co-written novel, which represented a switch both of genre and publisher and was in many ways a hard sell.  She did a fantastic job, generating a good buzz for the book. While her main focus was on online media and forums, she did not neglect more traditional avenues, and she was adroit at using my and my co-writers’ online presence to good effect – the centrepiece of the campaign being a series of guest blogs and live chats on sites where the sci-fi and fantasy fan communities were well represented.  I feel that this was crucial to the book’s very positive reception.

Nicholas Kaufmann, author of Dying Is My Business, Chasing the Dragon, and more:

Beverly Bambury proved invaluable in promoting my novel Dying Is My Business. Even though I had a great publicist at St. Martin’s Press, my book was pretty far down on the priority totem pole when it came to publicity. I’m convinced the novel never would have gotten the attention it did without Beverly’s help. She got me onto popular, high-traffic websites and book blogs that I’d only ever dreamed about being on. She’s worth every penny. I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you’ve got a book coming out and you don’t want it to get lost in the crowd, Beverly Bambury is the answer.

Richard Dansky, author of Vaporware, Firefly Rain, and lots of Wraith: The Oblivion sourcebooks:

Beverly has been an absolute pleasure to work with on my novel. She was a tireless and creative advocate for the book, giving me plenty of exposure while taking into account my schedule and needs. She took time to understand the book and tailor her approach to it, instead of trying to do a one size fits all solution, and she was unrelentingly cheerful and professional even when things got crazy. Consider her to be highly, highly recommended.

Jacques Nyemb, creator and owner at Not So Super Comics:

Beverly has been instrumental in insuring my dialog is clear and has been helping me fix typos and address some plot fixes in my stories…If you need copy edits, proofreading or some help with publicity be sure to check out Beverly Bambury Publicity. She’s an awesome person to work with and I HIGHLY recommend her.

Karen Heuler, author of The Inner City:

Beverly gave me directed tips on how to provide the materials required. She was on top of deadlines, gave me specific information on what was needed and made sure that it was in the proper shape. She followed up on leads I provided and took an active and much-appreciated role in getting my work out to a highly competitive market. 

John Mantooth, author of The Year of the Storm and Shoebox Train Wreck:

When you come across a person who is genuinely good at what she does, you want to tell the world.  Well, listen up, world: Beverly Bambury rocks.  She’s uber-friendly, highly efficient, reassuringly organized, and best of all, accessible.  I never had to wait long for Beverly to respond.  Frequently, she even got back to me the very same day. From brainstorming ideas and making initial contacts all the way through to the release of your project and afterwards, Beverly is a dream publicist, who treats your book like her own.  I don’t think you can ask for more than that.  I look forward to working with her again in the very near future.

David Nickle, author of EutopiaRasputin’s BastardsThe ‘Geisters and more:

Beverly [took] the lead on publicity for my second novel with ChiZine Publications, Rasputin’s Bastards. She was professional and attentive, and worked hard and effectively to set up interviews and reviews at a variety of online venues. She was a real pleasure to work with, and got the job done. 

Chandler Klang Smith, author of Goldenland Past Dark:

Beverly Bambury helped me promote my first novel, Goldenland Past Dark (ChiZine Publications, 2013), and her assistance was invaluable throughout the process. She set up an entire blog tour, placing interviews with me and short pieces that I wrote at excellent speculative fiction sites all around the web, and she was always on top of what was due where, nudging me whenever a deadline drew close. She was also a consummate professional in our correspondence, and an all-around delight to work with. I’d recommend her services highly. 

Paul G. Tremblay, author of In the Mean Time and Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye:

As a publicist, Beverly was a pleasure to work with. Thorough and hard-working, I was most impressed with she was always prompt with answering questions or concerns (which isn’t always the case with publicists, I assure you).

Barry King, webmaster for ChiZine Publications:

Beverly handled ChiZine’s marketing outreach with professionalism and flexibility, filling a critical need at a time of growth and change for the company. In this, she had a good grasp of the hows, wheres and whys of marketing within the social networks and the more traditional venues. 

Helen Marshall, former managing editor of ChiZine Publications  and author of Hair Side, Flesh Side and Skeleton Leaves:

Beverly Bambury is energetic, organized and willing to take the lead on managing projects. I can’t praise her highly enough. As the Managing Editor for ChiZine Publications, I liaised with her on book promotion, blog tours and social media marketing. She was exceptionally skilled at getting excellent results with even a very small budget.

Laura Marshall, former marketing director for ChiZine Publications:

Beverly is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is resourceful, efficient, innovative, and enthusiastic. She is able to start a new project and take control with little direction and the quality of work produced is outstanding. Beverly is a tremendous asset to any company and will never let you down.