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This week Selene MacLeod once again brings us the occasional column Calls for Submission (CfS). You can see all of the CfS columns here. Don’t forget to joint Selene’s Facebook groups 
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Now here’s Selene with various calls, some with deadlines today and tomorrow! I bolded deadlines in the next week to make it easier to skim for them! – Beverly

This month, I’m going to let you in on my secrets. Many of these posts can be found in one or more of the groups on Facebook, but in case you were wondering where I found them, here you go. The thing to remember is, most of the work is done for you if you look here and in the groups. If you’re looking at the source pages, there is a lot more stuff to scroll through. You will also find a lot more dead links, sneaky vanity publishers, and high fees. –Always the most comprehensive source for open markets, Duotrope has come under fire for charging user fees. The fee is reasonable, though, for $50 a year (up front) or $5 a month (pay as you go).
The Submission Grinder – Very similar to Duotrope, The Grinder is a searchable database. In some ways, there are more markets to choose from here, but it’s not as up to date as Duotrope. – This is a page with market listings, linked by rate of pay, with a focus on speculative fiction.
Horror Tree – A blog devoted to horror markets. – Lists classifieds, contests, and more. Updated weekly.
CRWOPPS – A Yahoo group, updated almost every day. There’s a lot to sort through here, as many markets are non-paying and most of the others charge fees. CRWOPPS also lists academic job postings in the U.S. – This one’s only updated about once a month, but it’s the most useful as only paying markets are listed.
Creative Genius – Lists both Creative Writing fellowships and a huge list of Poetry contests with no entry fees. Most of the fellowship deadlines have passed for 2014, but if you’re a graduate student, it’s a good thing to keep in mind in the future. – More poetry contests. Free to subscribe, but it does require a login. – A forum with a large list of markets especially contests. Some have fees, some don’t. –Canadian site with writing contests.
Aerogramme Writers Studio – Huge list of markets. Requires some surfing. Some of the deadlines have passed, but again, it’s a worthy resource for future contests and markets. –Lots of publications (both fiction and non-fiction) by category.
E-zines: –A huge list of e-zines that accept poetry, but I haven’t checked all the links (there are tons here!) –has a list of classifieds
Poets & Writers –has ton of listings if you click on the tabs : Jobs, Classifieds, Small press, etc. –Excellent article by Richard Thomas. LitReactor is a great site for writing courses and discussion.
Erika Dreifus is a regular contributor to the Open Call: Poetry/Fiction/Art group. She posts a weekly blog called Monday Markets.
So, as you can see, if you’re willing to put in the research, there are lots of publishing opportunities for writers looking to build a portfolio. However the benefit to joining the Facebook groups is that some of the leg work is done for you! Or, you know, you could just keep reading.

Current open calls for submissions

Pro Markets

Apex Magazine is still open for submissions through May 31, then they’ll be going on hiatus until September. Pays $0.05 per word.
Shock Totem is also open until May 31. Pays $0.05 per word.
Recommended Reading. Looking for “top quality literary stories” 2k-10k words. Pays $300 per story. There is no restriction on genre, so magical realism and maybe soft sci-fi might work. Deadline June 1.
Book Smugglers. Looking for Subversive Fairy Tale re-tellings (Middle Grade and YA). Deadline July 31, to publish 3x per year. Pays $0.05 per word – Pays $10 for 100 word stories based on a nightmare. Deadline July 1.
Exile Canadian Noir. Deadline July 1. 2k-10k, pays $0.05 per word.
The Journal of Unlikely Entomology. Looking for “bug” stories. Deadline August 1.

Semi-Pro Markets

Sekhmet Press. Wrapped in Black: 13 Tales of Witches and the Occult. Pays $0.01 per word, 2500-5000 words. Deadline June 8.
Dead Harvest. Looking for dark fiction with an “autumn/harvest” theme. Deadline May 31. Pays $25 and a contributor’s copy.
Fictionvale Issue Five. Deadline June 15. Looking for Mystery and Fantasy mash-ups. Pays $0.02 per word, max 5000 words.
Postscripts to Darkness. Looking for short fiction 1500-4500 words. “Weird fiction” covers it (read guidelines carefully). Deadline May 31. Pays $0.01 per word.
Belladonna Publishing. Strange Little Girls Anthology. Deadline June 15, pays $120 2k-10k words.
Bizarro Pulp Press Surreal Worlds anthology. Looking for bizarro stories. Pays up to $50 and a paperback copy. Max 10,000 words. Deadline June 1.
It’s a Grimm Life. Looking for re-imagined fairy tales. Pays $0.01 per word. Deadline August 31.
Black Denim Literary. Looking for literary sci-fi, max 7500 words, pays $0.01 per word.
Triptych Tales. Pays $100 a story. No deadline listed. 2-6k.
Spellbound Literary Productions. Looking for Middle Grade (age 8-12) stories about magical cats. Pays 2.5 cents per word up to 2500 words. Deadline June 30.
Eye to the Telescope. Looking for Sci-fi poetry. Pays $0.03 per word. Deadline June 15.
Pernicious Invaders. Looking for stories about germs and bugs, 3k-8k. Deadline July 31. Pays $25 and a contributor’s copy.
LampLight Volume 3. Looking for flash and short stories 1k-7k. Pays $50 for flash, $150 for short stories. Horror, noir, dark fantasy. Deadline July 15.
Emby Press. Reconstructing the Monster. 2000-8000 words. Looking for takes on classic horror movie monsters. Deadline July 15. Pays $25 and an e-copy.
Daylight Dims. Deadline June 30. Pays $0.01 per word, max 10,000 words. Looking for “unique, strange, and compelling horror fiction.”
Greenwoman Publishing. Fifty Shades of Green. Looking for gardening-themed erotica stories up to 6000 words. Pays $100 ($50 for reprints). Deadline June 15.
FriGG. Publishes twice a year, accepts submissions year round. Pays $50 via PayPal. Looking for fiction and poetry.
Elektrik Milk Bath. Motorcycle anthology still open, also looking for Day of the Dead stories. Deadline June 15. Pays $30, 1k-5k.

Token and Non-Paying Markets

Beach Walk Press. Sex, Love, and Aliens (sci-fi oriented Romance), 15k-20k words. Deadline June 1, pays token $50 advance.
Indie Authors Press. Looking for cyberpunk stories, 2k-10k, token payment $10. Open until filled. Also looking for sci-fi novels.
Dead Guns Press. Looking for hardboiled crime, noir, thriller, horror, and apocalyptic fiction. E-zine is non-paying. Anthologies pay a contributor’s copy, and they have a royalty-paying “Showcase Special” for novellas.!our_story/c18bc
The Literary Hatchet. Looking for dark, literary short fiction and poetry, 500-3000 words. Deadline July 1, pays $15.
Dialogual. Publishes stories (max 350 words) of dialogue only. No deadlines, publishes 2-4 times per month on Thursdays.!sub/cqh1
Dark House Books. Anthology of Cozy Noir. 500-7500 words, deadline June 30. Pays royalties.
Forgotten Places: Best of the Horror Society. Note: You must be a member of the Horror Society to submit. 3k-7500 words, deadline June 13. Pays a contributor’s copy.
April Moon Books. Stomping Grounds. Looking for stories about giant monsters, 2500-6000 words. Deadline August 31. Pays a contributor’s copy. There will also be an editor’s award for the best story.!stomping-grounds-submission-guide/cq5x
Knightwatch Press. Killer Bees from Outer Space. Pays Royalties.
Silver Birch Press. Looking for “literary” stories and poetry inspired by The Great Gatsby. Deadline September 1, max 2000 words. Pays a contributor’s copy.


Christopher Hewitt Literary Award. $50 prize, no entry fee. Looking for literary entries in each of four categories: Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, and Drama. Deadline June 15. Must be related to HIV/AIDS. Max 1200 words.
Tony Hillerman Mystery Writers Competition. Deadline June 1. First novel competition (only unpublished novelists may enter). Looking for novel-length (60,000 words) fiction (crime/thriller, focused on a solution) set in the Southwestern United States. First prize is $10,000 and publication.!about1/c20ee
IST (Issues in Science and Technology) science fiction story contest. Submit a precis of 250 words by June 1. Stories (2500-5000 words) will be due later. Prize is $1500.
Dinopunk Death Match. Winner gets $10 and podcast. Max 1000 words, deadline June 6.

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