DetCon1 – The Aftermath

Beverly Bambury/ July 22, 2014/ Conventions/ 4 comments

It was a great convention, with good quality panels and panelists, and lots of fun at parties at night (and in some cases, great beer!). The volunteers and ConCom were fantastic as well. I was well fed by the con suite, all told. Plus the hotel was futuristic-looking and pleasant… the spaces felt good. There were food and drinks for all budgets available; however, it being mainly an office building things weren’t open as widely on the weekend. Still, that is a minor complaint.

I also gave away every last business card that I had, so it’s time to order more. Hopefully I’ll hear from some of these people, whether they want to hire me or not. I still love making new friends and networking.

NetRoots Nation 2014 was also in the building, and I was delighted to share a space with such a cool group. We weren’t there on Thursday, but Joe Biden spoke on Thursday, and Elizabeth Warren spoke on Friday. Wooo. 🙂

I also got a couple of blog post topic requests, so there will be more Book Marketing without B.S. columns coming–finally! Indeed, if you have any suggestions, please ask in the comments or email me, and I’ll add it to my list.

So for now, I am working on publicity and social media for clients, and enjoying getting a bit more sleep. It was a good convention. I look forward to the next one, which is likely Can*Con in Ottawa.

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  1. It sounds like a lot of fun – this was the first one, right (thus the "1"). I hadn't been aware that it existed until a few weeks ago, but one of my other friends went and had a great time. It seems like it was really well done!

  2. Loved your panels and was delighted to meet you! Thanks for all the good advice. And yes, the con was great.

  3. Steven, it was the first, but alas–since it is a NASFic it's possibly the last one, too. NASFic only happens in years that WorldCon is not in North America. I am not even sure when the next one is. If Helsinki wins the WorldCon bid for 2017 (which I hope it does) I guess 2017 will be the next one. ^_^

  4. Carol, thank you so much! I am glad to have made your acquaintance. Thanks for coming to the blog. 🙂

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