SFContario 2013 Wrap-Up and Upcoming Webinar

Beverly Bambury/ December 3, 2013/ Conventions/ 0 comments

My Sunday presentation at SFContario, Self-Planning for Self-Promotion, went well. The audience gave great feedback and seemed to get a lot out of the material. They also had several good questions and comments around topics such as users of the Create Space platform being able to get into book stores to do readings, the uses of video, and timing for back list versus upcoming releases. I’ll be expanding the slide deck and adding more detail, and in the new year I plan to do a webinar for which I’ll charge a small fee. I may even do an in-person class locally, but that will depend on several factors.

In any case, thanks again to everyone who came out, and thanks also to the people who expressed interest in my doing the course in the future. Your support is deeply appreciated.

I enjoyed my other panels, too, even the ones in which I may not have been a good fit. People had a lot of good things to say, and I had great company up at those front tables! I had fun being in the audience, too, such as when author GoH Seanan McGuire (a.k.a. Mira Grant) spoke passionately about epidemiology on the same zombie panel that also featured my husband, James Bambury, and one of my favourite local authors, David Nickle. I even got treated to a fantastic politics and science panel with the highly knowledgeable Hayden Trenholm, Derek Künsken, Lorne Kates, and David Stephenson.

I had a good time at the convention, though there were some organization issues and it appeared to be a little more sparse on attendance than last time. Hopefully things will bounce back for next year.

Later this week are “Review Copies, Ebooks, and Pirating: Book Marketing without B.S. #5” and “Calls for Submission #2”. Don’t forget to sign up for email delivery of blog posts by filling out this easy form: http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=BeverlyBamburyPublicity. See you soon!

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