Week 2 of the Gerald M. Weinberg Book Giveaway

Beverly Bambury/ January 11, 2016/ Announcements, Giveaways/ 1 comments

The winner of week one was Jeff B, who chose Introduction to General Systems Thinking. He’s got a personalized, autographed copy on the way. Thanks, Jeff!

So on to another week! Gerald M. Weinberg, or Jerry as he is often called, is a longtime and well-respected computer scientist and fiction author. Some of his books are perennial bestsellers and he still wins awards for his contributions to his field. Not only are testing, quality, and consulting topics about which Jerry writes, but he also creates smart, interesting genre fiction, too. Here’s how the contest works:

Use the form below to choose any or all of the four ways to enter. But first, make sure you’re cool with Jerry getting your email address for an occasional email. (He will NEVER sell your info. Not in a million years.)

If you win, you can choose one book from this list of Gerald M. Weinberg’s non-fiction and fiction works:

That’s it! It’s very easy, and easy to share, so I hope you will. We will announce the winner of this first round on Friday, then next Monday we’ll do it all over again, so keep checking back both here on this blog or on my Twitter (or Jerry’s Twitter)!

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  1. For me as a software testing professional, Jerry's books are absolutely essential.

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