I work with anyone from the occasional self-published author to creator-owned comics, to medium publishers and all the way up to the Big 4 publishers. Regular publishing house clients include HarperVoyager, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, Omnium GatherumIguana Books, and Not So Super Comics.

My first foray into book publicity was in early 2012, when I became a publicist with ChiZine Publications (CZP) in Toronto. While working under its marketing director I was involved with many aspects of the publisher’s marketing, and eventually became the marketing manager. In that role I did publicity and several other duties, including promoting the CZP/Ellen Datlow Kickstarter campaign for the Fearful Symmetries anthology, social media outreach and growth, with occasional work on marketing plans and ads.

I also spent three years working for a Big 4 professional services firm in its research and analytics department. This gives me the research training that helps me find the most relevant media to approach about my clients’ work.

Contact me right away with any questions. It doesn’t cost anything for you to ask, so why wait?