There’s a new alternative to hiring a publicist

Beverly Bambury/ December 21, 2020/ Announcements, author services, Book Marketing, Budget, comic creators, Comic Marketing, DIY, Marketing, Public Relations, Publicity, Rates/Fees, Self-Promotion, self-publishing, Service Highlight, Useful Stuff, writers/ 0 comments

I recently launched a coaching program where for anywhere from $5 USD to $75 USD per month you have access to a publicist to help guide you as you do your own marketing and publicity for your work.

OK. I admit it still involves me, a publicist. But this is something more affordable for everyone and I love that it’s an option now!

Anyway, it’s pretty new, but already have 13 subscribers and we’ve gone over all kinds of stuff from what authors should have on their website, to organic social media growth, to the ideal timeline for promoting your book. We have coaching sessions several times a month, depending on the level at which you join.

It’s been going great and helping authors make a plan they can handle–and get advice and questions answered when they need it–so they feel less overwhelmed. I would love for you to join us, too. Check it out and see if it’s a good fit for you:

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