Monday, June 10, 2013

Closed for Queries on 2013 Release Dates

The response to Beverly Bambury Publicity has been overwhelming, and so it is with gratitude and pleasure that I annouce that I am no longer accepting queries for 2013 releases. (Well, maybe a little sadness, too, since it means I won't get to work with so many of you!)

The one exception: if you and I have a prior relationship, please do contact me even with 2013 releases. I don't have much space left, but it's much less time consuming to work with someone whose work I already know, so I may be able to squeeze something into the schedule.

If you have a 2014 release please contact me soon; I'll gladly make tentative arrangements that we can solidify closer to your release.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

5 No-BS Twitter Tips for Authors (and Everyone Else)

I was inspired to write this post with my no-bull Twitter guide for writers after answering questions about Twitter for a colleague not too long ago. I am sure you've heard some of this before; however, I think a lot of it will be new, and all of it bears repeating. It also often applies to other social media interactions. So let's dive in:

Self-Promotion on Social Media - Survey Results

(Originally published at in July 2012.)

Good evening! It's been another overly-full week, but last weekend at Polaris and the monthly Chiaroscuro Reading Series event were well worth cramming in everything else. More on those events later. Right now I'd like to share some of the results of Beverly's Unscientific Survey of Social Media Preference. I have the survey questions and results discussion after the break. Also, be sure to see the comments section, which has some great comments.